3:11 minutes

16mm /video, 1997/2000

PLAy video

60 sec clip, stereo (1997)

PLAy video

40 second clip, silenT (2000)

A visceral, free-flowing abstract visual music composition and kinetic light sculpture.

Biomorphic and graffiti-like marks and gestures, formed though an exploration of counterpoint, colour, refraction and the physical and illusory properties of paint, film and light.

Made by photographically manipulating images painted and scratched directly on to the surface of 16mm film.

SKZCP was commissioned with an Arts Council / Channel 4 Animate! Award and broadcast in 1997 + 98.

The 1997 edition uses a specially composed drum 'n' bass soundtrack by Flyface (Scott Cooper) and is distributed by Lux, London and CFMDC, Toronto.

A silent edition was created in 2000 for presentation as a video loop (DVD, 2:18 mins).

Original 16mm footage used to create SKZCP was later reconfigured to create From Memory (16mm, silent, colour, 15 minutes, 2003).

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