Riccardo Iacono is a London-based artist working with film, video, digital media, performance, photography, collage, painting and installation.

His works are concerned with visual, physical and social processes and formed through experimentation, improvisation and play.

'Through play and metaplay Riccardo Iacono's work describes a kind of complex open system within complex systems. It becomes about the artist in relation to the world, the body of the artist in relation to the body of work, the viewer in relation to the work at the time of reception, the unique event of performance that redoubles the act of making and the re-entry of the work into the world. It is a promiscuous trans-discipline practice which may be viewed as much as dance and/or music as film and video, and with the potential to converse in the language of any other discipline, within other areas of cultural production, with other artists works.'

Extract from Open Play - The Work of Riccardo Iacono

Steven Ball, 2005

Iacono studied painting at Glasgow School of Art and electronic imaging at DJCAD, Dundee.

Screenings and exhibitions include Channel 4, European Media Art Festival, Osnabruuck and A Century of Artists Films in Britain, Tate Britain.

He has received commissions and funding from The Arts Council, Scottish Film Council, STV, Scottish Screen, Channel 4 and BBC Scotland.

Recent projects include Untitled Swim, a swim from England to France and related drawings, text, photography, animation and video (2016 -ongoing); and All For The Captured Time of Our Being, a site specific video piece for mobile phones; made for the Contact Festival of Artists' Film and Video, London (2016).


Solo exhibitions and screenings include: Ice in The Freezer, Pleasure Dome, Toronto (2003); Love Songs From a Dark Body, La Enana Marron, Madrid (2005); From Memory, Kino Oko, Prague (2005); The No Show, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (2007); This Orientation, Summit Gallery, London (2013).


Selected group exhibitions and screenings include:

STV (1995/6), Channel 4 (1997/9); Sky TV (1998);

Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin (2002/5); European Media Art Festival, Osnabruuck (2007); Rotterdam International Film Festival (2003); Playing With Space, Firstsite, Colchester (2015); Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, Toronto (2015)

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