English Channel swim 2016 and ongoing video and photographic project

In 2016 I swam from England to France. The swim took over 14 hours .

I remember, just before the start, standing on the beach at Samphire Hoe and looking out to sea. The sky was clear blue and the water calm and silky.

It was quite a shock to look out and not have the end  in sight.

Unlike my previous sea swims which were coastal, this was different. For the first time I had to swim out, away from the shore, from one land to another. There was no way of knowing at the outset, how far or how long I'd be swimming.

*The swim was documented by artist, John Hartley and my coach, Tim Denyer. John and I are currently working with video and photographic material to reflect on our different experiences of being at sea. His as observer on the escort boat and mine as the swimmer.


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