This Orientation
Summit Gallery, London

1 - 17 February 2013

Special event: Sunday 17 February
Riccardo Iacono in conversation with Steven Ball

Associate curator, Carmen Billows

For this, his first solo exhibition in London, Riccardo Iacono created a site-specific installation combining video, photography, painting and collage formed and arranged in direct response to the gallery space and its unique location high above the streets of Hackney Wick.

Iacono developed the installation during a residency in the gallery in the two-weeks preceding the show and continued working in the space while the gallery was open to the public.

Steven Ball (video artist and Research Fellow at The British Artists Film & Video Study Collection) was invited to engage the artist in a public discussion on the project during the course of the exhibition.

This was undertaken through an online exhange of video, text and images at and continued as a public event in the gallery space and as a live webstream on 17th February.

"During the process of this project, Riccardo voiced his wish to go back to his early artistic roots in happenings and events. The work in the show is infinite and never accomplished, always open to new impulses and ephemeral in its existence. Everything is in a constant state of flux. He often deliberately leaves works unfinished, and failure can become the trigger for new ideas. I feel that this show is animated by the artist living inside. It consistently evolves and changes everyday. Riccardo not only readjusts and rearranges the works, but also consistently produces new video and photography in response to the changing space and audience."

Carmen Billows

"This blog may, in many ways, be less of a conversation and more an extension of the show. Similar to the way that the show seems to extend, explode, implode, to spillover between interior and exterior, to be inclusive and exclusive, so the blog has become an extension not just of the show, but also of the processes of the show. And where Riccardo is continually moving things around, taping things up, painting things, moving things from inside to outside, from outside to inside, so posts to this blog become manipulated as images, are amended and addended, comments are made, comments become images, images become blurred, videos are posted, become re-edited, reworked."

Steven Ball


This Orientation blog
Steven Ball and Riccardo Iacono online conversation


Gallery Talk

Extracts from gallery talk 170213
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Flux Magazine interview
Carmen Billows and Riccardo Iacono discuss the exhibition with Philomena Epps

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Many thanks to all Summit Gallery staff for their kind support: Su Lin Booker, Jennifer Buchholz, Samantha Hawes, Natalie Saunders, Abigail Thomas, Alexandra Tidswell, Julia Varela and Will Worth.

Special thanks to Steve Jones and Joanna T. Hughes at Mother Studios, Maria Anastassiou, Paul Martin, Duncan White, Guy Sherwin, Lizzie Hughes, Carmen Billows and Steven Ball.


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